MOROCCO DESERT CHALLENGE | 14-22 April 2018 | Extreme Rally-Raid

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An official rally for everybody


Morocco Desert Challenge is an officially recognized rally, held under the licenses of FRMSA and FRMM (Morrocan Federations for Motorsports).

From the very beginning it has been our goal to have a rally for a wide audience: both beginners and experienced racers. To this day we offer a variety of levels in different categories.

Above all Morocco Desert Challenge is a real desert race: an competition against the clock in which a combination of a well prepared vehicle, good driving skills and precise navigation are needed to stand a chance of winning. If victory is not your goal or if you don’t have the experience yet and just want to be part of the game, MDC offers a range of alternatives.

For the 2018 edition there are four categories: there is always something to suit your taste:

  1. The Rally PRO category
  2. The RAID category
  3. Assistance category
  4. VIP / Sponsor trips

A-introductie AA


Morocco Desert Challenge is a race, a true competition in which you enter the battle with the elements, your equipment and yourself. With 20 race trucks, 70 4×4’s, buggies & SSV’s and more than 50 motorbikes and quads at the start, the MDC has conquered its place in the top-3 of the world’s largest rally-raids.

The Rally PRO category is the real stuff, open to the more experienced drivers of cars, trucks, buggies, SSV’s, quads and motorbikes. About 75 percent of competitors enters this category. Navigation is by a FIA-style road book and the GPS UNIK 2. This device, built by the French company ERTF, is used in all world championship rallies (FIA/FIM) and long distance rally raids like the Dakar. This means the days of following an arrow from waypoint to waypoint with an ordinary gps are over. Correct navigation, guided by a detailed roadbook, therefore has become an important ingredient.

The introduction of the “GPS UNIK” means the days of driving from waypoint to waypoint are over. Correctly navigating, aided by a precise roadbook will become equally as important to driving itself. The GPS UNIK stays in “sleeping mode” during most of the day and switches on automatically when you’re close to a waypoint. It also registers speed excess in certain zones and tells the race management immediately at the finish line how many waypoints you’ve reached.

Built-in this device is also the “Sentinel”, a kind of alarm/warning system which allows safe overtaking. If you want to overtake another rider you push the button of your Sentinel, the pilot driving in front of you gets a warning on his device (alarm & stroboscopic light) and knows a faster vehicle wants to overtake him/her. Those who, after 3 warnings, refuse to give way, automatically get a penalty time.

gpsunikIIgmThe introduction of these systems (GPS UNIK & Sentinel) makes the rally more professional, a lot safer and allows the race director to publish a correct ranking in a very short time frame. Plus: being able to practice with this tool in the -relatively cheap- Morocco Desert Challenge, is ideal if you have the ambition to do a Dakar or another FIA/FIM rally in the future.

A beautiful competition for those who want to measure themselves against the best. About 70% of those who register for MDC, chose this option. Participants are provided with accurate road books covering daily stages varying between 250-500km (depending on the terrain). Official officers supervise the competition. It is the ideal preparation for the more difficult Dakar stages combined with breath-taking landscapes.

Morocco Desert Challenge is no FIA or FIM event. That would not fit in our philosophy to have a race that is open to anyone. Nevertheless we make use of the official guidelines concerning road books, GPS, penalties, checkpoints et cetera, because MDC is often used as a stepping stone to the Dakar, Silk Way Rally or FIA/FIM world championship rallies and thereby our competitors can get used to terminology and rules of those events.







A_F813042Rallly-Raid - 4 opties - Discovery


For the adventurers who are not driven by the stopwatch & for the less experienced who want to live the rally from nearby, we have a unique concept: the RAID category, an off-road challenge via the same rally tracks allowing you to follow the event in the footsteps of the rally pilots.


NEW – From April 2018 onwards we have 2 options:

  1. Adventure Raid: as many kms as possible off-road
  2. Discovery Raid : you will cover about 50% of the actual race track, with the focus to follow the rally. This means you’ll visit the checkpoints of the race, the lunch stop & refueling CP’s, etc. You’ll be accompanied by a European guide with his own 4×4.


Also in this category technology has been introduced. The rental of a TRIPY is however included in the registration fee. This device, a combination of GPS, digital roadbook and tripmaster, makes navigating a lot easier. Seen the fact that the roadbook is digitalised and the machine has a GPS-function, the TRIPY puts you back on track after you’ve made an occasional navigation mistake.

There will also be a Raid Responsible to whom the participant in this category can address to, both in the bivouac as well as on the track.


In this category you can participate with your own car or with a rental car. You can rent a decent 4×4 (Toyota Landcruiser Prado, Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, etc.). Depending on the model you pay between 120€ and 150€ per day.

This category is only open to 4×4 vehicles.


Nothing is as good as an ice cold drink waiting for you at the end of hundreds kilometres of special stage. Just relax and leave the maintenance of your vehicle to your service crew. More and more competitors bring their own assistance teams to the Morocco Desert Challenge.


The entry fee for an assistance vehicle is much lower than the fee for a race car or truck. The restriction is of course that assistance cars can’t enter the race track. They have to follow the liaison route directly from bivouac to bivouac. Only in case of emergency they can enter the race track but only after strict permission from the race direction.


On the principle of ‘The more the merrier’ we offer friends, family and partners the opportunity to follow the Morocco Desert Challenge on a friendly rate. If you want to bring sponsors, friends or family to enjoy the Morocco Desert Challenge and share your adventure with you, in the bivouac every day and at some of the easy to reach CP’s, the assistance option is one way to do so.










VIP and sponsor trip


In 2018 too we offer some first class five-day VIP and sponsor trips. Your guests experience the rally at its best and Morocco in its most beautiful way.

The guests stay in our bivouacs at special locations where they can enjoy our infamous catering and the authentic rally atmosphere. Because there are no liaisons in the MDC, they’ll be a witness of every start and every finish.


Guided by one of our European staff members, your guests drive part of the rally stage themselves in rented 4×4’s (self-drive). Bringing a tent is not necessary: they get the best rooms in case of hotel nights or a luxury berber tent in the bivouac.


Because it’s the 10th anniversary of the rally, spectacle is guaranteed, every day again. The scruteneering in Agadir, the prologue on the legendary Plage Blanche, the desert stages in Southern Morocco, the bivouacs next to the dunes of Chegaga and Merzouga, the finish, the prize award ceremony and the end party in Saïdia. All will be fantastic moments. Therefore we’ll propose not 1 but 3 completely different VIP trips. Each with their own highlights, but every one of them unforgettable.


  • VIP TRIP 1: Agadir (fly in, hotel & scruteneering) / Plage Blanche (prologue & bivouac 1) / Touzounine (stage 2 & bivouac 2) / Agadir (fly home)
  • VIP TRIP 2: Agadir (fly in & hotel) / Touzounine (bivouac 2) / The Dunes of the Jews (desert stage & bivouac 3) / Fezzou (desert stage & bivouac 4) / Errachidia (fly home)
  • VIP TRIP 3: Errachidia (fly in) & Merzouga (hotel) / Boudnib (desert stage & bivouac 6) / Matarka (desert stage & bivouac 7) / Saidia (finish, award ceremony, party, hotel & fly home).


The provisional recommended price for this fully taken care of trip is about 1595€ per person (excluding plane ticket). Please keep an eye on our website for more detailed information and possibilities.


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